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ECTM (Engine Condition Trend Monitoring)

Engine Condition Trend Monitoring has become a very efficient predictive maintenance tool, which helps the operator to detect damages and anomalies in the reparable phase, allowing to prevent faults and reduce maintenance costs.

AeroEng has a ECTM software developed by engineers of the company under which we could monitor trends of parameters such as Ng / N1, ITT / T5 and Torque (Tq).

Inspections and Maintenance Control

Control of preventive maintenance recommended by aircraft manufacturers, inspections of regulatory requirements and technical documentation compliance is a task that requires knowledge, experience and planning to reduce the unavailability of aircraft and reduce maintenance costs.

AeroEng understands the importance of carrying out this work and the technical skills that are required to do this, thereby provides the service of inspections and maintenance control for operators. As final product we deliver work orders (physical or digital format) for scheduled maintenance or customer requirement, with a considerable period of anticipation.

Development of Maintenance Programs and minimum equipment lists (MEL)

Aeroeng has staff with extensive experience in development of manuals required by regulation, including Maintenance Programs and MEL which are appropriate to the technical capabilities of each aircraft and operating conditions to which it is exposed.

Consulting for OMA, AOC and aircraft (Fixed and rotary wing) certification

Certification processes for approved Maintenance Organizations, operators or aircraft are usually long processes and could be cumbersome if the necessary precautions are not taken to avoid mishaps when demonstrating compliance to Aviation Civil Authorities as DGAC.

AeroEng has experienced professionals in the management of these processes, which will accompany you long before starting the certification process to obtain the certificate.

Consulting for re-certification of airworthiness for fixed and rotary wing aircraft

The uncountable amount of airworthiness re-certification processes on which our professionals have participated successfully allow us to offer agility and lower administrative resources when renewing the certificate of airworthiness of your aircraft.

The scope of this service is briefly described as follows:

Audit of technical airworthiness records and documentation to identify points to be corrected before the demonstration of compliance with the civil aviation authority.
Support during the demonstration of compliance with the DGAC and subsequent solve of discrepancies.

Manufacture of tools and maintenance stairs

Maintenance practices applied to aircraft and equipment must ensure the airworthiness and the integrity of the aircraft or equipment during the progress of preventive or corrective tasks of inspection, in addition to safeguarding the health of people who execute this.

AeroEng is aware that this could be achieved through local solutions that could help on take care of the economic resources of your organization without neglecting technical standards. Therefore we offer toolmaking service following the guidelines of 145.620 Advisory Circular issued by the DGAC. The added value that our professionals give this activity is engineering applied to manufacturing, which involves using software to simulate working conditions in the tools or workbenches ensuring that the manufacturing material, joints, machining and structure will not lead to material failures that compromise the integrity of the equipment or aircraft where they are used, nor the health of involved personnel.

Technical records audits for returns and delivery of aircraft (Fixed and rotary wing)

When it is about Leasing operations, the phrase "A well done delivery is a quick and less expensive return" is automatically labeled in the minds of those involved.

Knowing this, AeroEng supports Operators and Lessors in the assess from a safety and financial assets (aircraft or equipment) approach, identifying any condition that violates the above two approaches and providing a complete analysis of the technical condition of the aircraft, engine or equipment leased. For this evaluation we review the Status Report and maintenance records, basing this review on our experience in IATA standards document "Guidance Material and Best Practices for Aircraft Leases".

Technical audits of materials in stock, spares and consumables

We provide consulting services for the review of inventories of spare parts and consumables. This review generally aims to examine the documentation (technical records, traceability documentation, certificates of conformity or Flammability Certification) of products in stock.

Design of reliability programs for air transport companies RAP 135

Reliability programs have always been mostly applied and used in transport aircraft category operating under Part 121, however this predictive maintenance tool could give added value to the management of its assets efficiently, reducing maintenance costs, increasing reliability of its aircraft and managing a stock of parts to ensure adequate availability of its aircraft and operation of its fleet.

Consulting on hiring “pay by hour” programs for aircraft components and engines

Support Programs “Per Flight Hour” every day are most wanted and desired by buyers of helicopters, because it guarantees the availability, maintenance cost control, product reliability and avoid devaluation of the aircraft.

Given that the engine and components represents between 30-50 percent of the cost of an aircraft at the time of negotiations, is very important to properly maintain it to ensure easy and profitable trading.

Engineering Projects Development (Engineering Design, Installation and Maintenance Instructions, Flight Manual Supplements) for the alteration / modification of aircraft (Fixed and rotary wing)

Every day is necessary to modify aircraft, either by compliance with regulatory requirements for modernization of navigation and communication equipment, or simply for convenience and appearance of the aircraft.

Aeroeng has a team of engineers with experience in the development and certification of engineering projects for unpressurized aircraft modifications.

We also have the support of largest organizations for making changes in pressurized and large size aircraft.